In the pitch letter for my memoir I wrote "For most of my life, I wasn’t looking further ahead than my next meal. After getting thrown out of five high schools, and going on to steal motorcycles, scam credit cards, and burn cars for weekend fun, it seemed clear to everyone around me that I was a fuckup—so I took that reputation and ran with it. I had a lot of fun along the way, working on the first gore film, Blood Feast, living with the legendary commune The Hog Farm, and hanging out with tricksters, scammers, and legends like Nick Ray, Ken Kesey, and Wavy Gravy. But that life eventually wore on me and the people around me. As I got older and saw more of life and how it ended, I realized I wanted more for myself than a list of adventures. This book (and this blog) are written for anyone with an interest in or memories of the 60s and 70s, subcultures (particularly bikers and hippies), and for all the young men and women who hang out on street corners, waiting for something to happen." This blog chronicles both my fuckup years and how I transitioned out of them, learning to make a meaningful life for myself without ever turning my back on who I’ve been or where I came from. It's my place to tell stories, write about the events of the day, ruminate about photography, and do some thinking about life.

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One part of me knows it doesn’t matter if you read these stories or not, the other part thinks it might be the reason I’m here.